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🌍 Seamless Openworld!

JEFF World is a blockchain-based next-generation virtual metaverse you have never encountered before. A new you, a new relationship, and a new world created by your own hand. everything is possible in JEFF World!

Participatory: As the user's play accumulates, JEFFWorld expands and rewards ($JEFF) increase.

The City grooming content, which transitions from Road-Cleaning to Park-Gardening to Bridge-Finding, is a core content in JEFF World. Users contribute to the development of JEFF World and receive reward tokens ($JEFF). As the JEFFWorld expands, the next stage involves the evolution into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). With the introduction of DAO, Landowners assume the role of property owners within JEFFWorld, making important decisions and receiving taxes.

Community: The WEB 2.0 community will gain new experience and revenue by meeting JEFFWorld.

Communities that were limited to text-based interactions can now convey their identity more clearly through visualization in JEFFWorld. By engaging in activities within JEFFWorld, community members can generate advertising profit. Individually, users can invite friends or strangers to their own special conversation space, known as "My Room." Enjoy Fan meetings, lectures, and gatherings.

Second Life: Customizable! Discover a new version of yourself in JEFF World.

In “My Room,” you can freely decorate your own space. The types of decoration will gradually advance, and ultimately, users will have the ability to directly create their own designs. Avatars can also be customized to your liking. Customizable avatar NFTs are implemented in 3D within the metaverse and become perfected. Put on the continually produced parts NFTs and showcase your unique personality!

Collaboration: Connecting Web 2 & Web 3 through JEFF World.

Many companies in reality hope to join JEFFWorld. Going beyond simple partnerships, JEFF World incorporates its real-world payment infrastructure, allowing for convenient purchases of physical goods within the metaverse. Moreover, collaborations with brands and artists expand, connecting items not only in the digital realm but also through the integration of NFTs and physical objects. You can even dress yourself and your avatar in the same clothes.

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